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An ELISA or Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay, is a widely employed biochemical technique used to detect and quantify secreted or intracellular protein concentrations within a variety of different sample types including but not limited to sera, cell lysates, and plasma. There are typically several different types of ELISAs - all of which are performed in a microplate: direct, indirect, competitive and sandwich. ImmunoWay Biotechnology offers a variety of ELISA formats that can detect any target antigen ranging from intra-fluid cytokines to cell-specific modified proteins via colorimetric and fluorometric readout methods.

We have a wide menu of ELISA research use only kits. With excellent sensitivity, proven specificity, and consistent performance, these optimized ELISA kits offer you a choice when it comes to getting physiologically relevant and quantitative results.

ImmunoWay Biotechnology currently provides the following types of immunoassay kits: